How To Increase Your Company’s Bottom Line

Sweden’s Answer To Work Productivity Are you a manager needing to motivate your employees and increase profit? Have you tried motivational speakers that left everyone yawning? There is a way to improve profit and employee health, while motivating them beyond your wildest dreams.

Many musicians, beginner and semi professional only get the chance to play during non working hours and this causes low mood and even depression. They spend much of the time thinking about playing when they should be working, which upsets the boss; causing stress and friction. The employee quickly becomes less enthusiastic and less productive, costing the company money in health costs and absent employees.

All, simply creating a less motivated work force and profit.

Music is a proven wellness technique and used widely throughout the world in different scenarios, but we still have the work barrier that separates us from peace and our passions. How do you balance work productivity and general well being, without compromise.

Sweden has the answer.

A consulting company in Sweden, We Consulting, came up with the idea of their employees learning a music instrument during work to improve productivity. This unique experiment is known as the Music Method and designed to show how wellness goes much further than physical exercise. They organised beginner music lessons and started a band, all during working hours.

It’s widely known that playing an instrument increases the oxytocin hormone in your brain which is responsible for your overall improved sense of well being. This in turn elevates stress, thereby creating a more productive employee. It’s all incredibly logical and ‘bottom line’ proven as the CEO of We Consulting, Mats Rönnlund stated, “The results exceeded expectations.” Take a look at their creation below.

We have the resources to facilitate.

Why Not Start Your Own Company Band—Musician’s Wellbeing can guide you to organising your company’s band with reputable teachers who visit your office for the music lessons. And offer intermittent Skype calling for ongoing guidance.


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