The United [Music] Kingdom

Since the early 1960’s when The Beatles invaded America, England has been known as the birth place of great music. No one can deny the most incredible and legendary bands have come from the UK. Greats like, Pink Floyd, The Who, U2 and of course the angelic vocal sounds of Adele, Florence, and Joss Stone, make up a musical standard that the world attempts to follow.

I grew up in California thinking we had the greatest music with contributions from the Beach Boys, Tina Turner, and Jackson 5. Fortunately, my parents had the good sense to expose us to several different genres of music. They seemed to favour Jimi Hendrix, Cream, The Who and Pink Floyd. It’s safe to say, I fell in love with British music at a very young age.

When I moved here in 2009, the one thing I noticed was the use of music in television adverts. There have been many artists popularised with a simply clip in a national advert. The UK’s major network, BBC, have devoted radio and television channels to music 24/7. I can’t count the number of times I’ve taken out my phone to track a song from an advert on the TV.

Music is as much a part of the British cultural fabric as is the monarchy. The pride in music is exceptional and you won’t find it anywhere else in the world. If you want to make it in the business or just simply have a passion for music, I recommend you spend a few years in the United [Music] Kingdom and fill your boots. This place is flooded with the best sounds in the world.


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