Potheads or Pioneers?

In recent years, medical marijuana has become more prevalent and accessible. But very few are aware of the wars and sacrifices to get to this point. It doesn’t matter if the plant has proven its worth in medical cases, you’ll always have the far-righters unable to accept reality as opposed to tradition. But marijuana only became illegal in 1937 and legal again in 1996, so I can’t see how it can be a traditional or protective law. So who and where did someone decide it was less acceptable than tobacco? The one thing proven to cause cancer more than any other substance. There have been more pushy adverts for cigarette smoking than any other campaigns, known. Could this simply be, Americans not wanting anything foreign in their country?

It’s well known that marijuana was brought in by the Mexicans after the Mexican Revolution and very shortly there after, 1937, became a criminal act.

In the early 1970’s The Schafer Commission, a report on marijuana chaired by Raymond P. Schafer, declared it should not be a Schedule I drug; however, Nixon rejected the findings which kept marijuana illegal. And we all know what a straight-shooter Nixon was not.

More recently, an incredibly, strong professional couple sacrificed their careers and liberty for this cause; treating cancer as well as other ailments. Dale Schafer, a well renowned lawyer and Dr. Marion ‘Mollie’ Frye, from California, have fought for the legalisation of marijuana for years. They’ve devoted their lives to treating the public and keeping them from body destroying chemicals like radiation. Marion, herself, is a breast cancer survivor and believes wholeheartedly that marijuana played a vital part in her remission. And I personally, have a very close friend who suffered cancer of several types and it wasn’t until she took the medical marijuana regime that she remained in remission.

Marion and Dale fight for people like my friend who need treatment and relief from all the chemical side effects of chemotherapy. But they have suffered not just the survival of cancer but being held at gun point for their crops as well as arrested for treating the public.

Both have served time in California prisons for the fight. Much of their legal battles were brought on by ‘snitches’; people who were hell bent on trying to ruin these two warriors. They still fight and will until they see legalisation and awareness across the globe.

The fact that marijuana is an anti-carcinogen is proof in the pudding-full stop. And the fact that we still have repressed and closed minded people who are unable to see straight facts, and in power, is the worst cancer of all.


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