Happy Birthday, Tee Rex Beats

est. 2011It was Christmas time, 6 years ago, and I was sitting with my boyfriend, at the time, and his friend. We’ll call his friend, ‘Stan’. We were discussing my nickname, ‘Tee-Bohne (bone)’ and how it came about. I explained that it was simply my first name, Tomera, and my last name, Bohnert. Since everyone gets a nickname in the army, mine was a no-brainer. As soon as I finished explaining, Stan says, “Tee Bone? More like Tee Rex.” The interesting part of that is, my last name is Rodgers and I was definitely, a very angry individual.

I won’t go into detail as to why I was so angry but none the less, being described that way was very indicative of my emotional state at the time. I knew I’d create a brand at some point but that was the kick I needed and ran with it. The Beats part of the name refers to my love for music and above all, my children; who keep my heart beating. And so, the birth of Tee Rex Beats came very quickly and with minimal pain.

I’m now a very content, happy and productive person. But I never want to forget how I felt at that time because of the consistent progress in my life for the past 6 years. Since creating my brand, I’ve managed to earn my Bachelor of Science in psychology and a minor in music. I’ve mended relationships and let go of the energy-draining people I liked to keep around me, back then.

I say a huge ‘Thank You’, to my family and very good friends both near and far. I couldn’t do anything without you. Your support and love has been endless. I’m probably the only happy and grateful dinosaur that ever lived. Happy holidays to you all and a Peaceful New Year!


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