10 Instant Pain Relief Tips

In today’s busy life and gruelling schedules, it’s safe to say we don’t have a lot of time for massages, acupuncture, or sex for that matter, but still suffer the effects of daily grind. Most of us refuse tablets and need to be sober for work and family so I have a few tips on how to give yourself instant relief without ‘private time’. Because every one knows an orgasm is the only proven, natural, pain relief. Nothing beats good old ‘dolphins’. [haha]

These techniques are performed with your clothes on and can be done anywhere without you looking like a complete nutter.

Tee Rex Beats musicianstotalwellbeing

Migraines – Pinch the tips of each finger. Do this throughput the day if possible.
General headache – Press and massage the meaty bit of webbing; between index and thumb.

Insomnia-Apply pressure to the outer joint and inner pad of your palm, just below your pinky finger.

Indigestion/ Bloating – Apply moderate to deep pressure below the knees, at the top of the muscle (the outside of tibia/ shinbone. Do this for a few seconds, daily.

Colds and stuffiness – Massage the big toe.

Asthma – Massage the bottom of foot pad, between big toe and second.

Menstrual Cramps – Massage bottom of foot; inside, just above the heel.

Nausea – Apply gentle pressure to the bottom of foot, just below the ball / below big toe.

Exhaustion- Apply pressure on both sides, back of neck, above the trapezius muscle, approximately 2 inches below the hairline.

Chronic Fatigue – Close your eyes and gently apply pressure directly between the eyes, above nose bone. (Perfectly between your eyebrows if they’re not drawn on)


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