The #metoo Hypocrisy

While I can empathise with the #metoo awareness campaign for sexual harassment towards women and never ever think abuse in any way is ok, I am confused. I’m not belittling anyone or downgrading anyone’s traumatic experience but if you’re a woman, then you’ve experienced sexual harassment at some point in your life. If we analyse every industry, it’s safe to say they would be halved in numbers after scrutiny. I was a soldier and it happened to me at least once, while in Military Intel Corps. I don’t condone it. It sucks. But you have to ask yourself why is it more of an issue now, but 10 years ago it wasn’t? Social media plays a huge part and creates the Court of Public Opinion. I feel a bit sick that all of a sudden, it’s bad behaviour and inexcusable but clearly acceptable less than a decade ago. I have to say, I give Keisha, ‘Tic Toc’ singer, huge credit. She was assaulted by her producer and sued him. She spoke up when it happened and dealt with it like a true professional woman.

Some would say, women are speaking up because it’s time for a change. Why is now the time? Why hasn’t it just always been unacceptable to abuse? BBC covered up plenty of smutty people in its time but all of sudden, BBC jumps on the higher horse, pointing at Hollywood in disgust. I’m already bored of the hypocrisy and hearing about the dirty bastards that are overlooked until enough people scream. It seems to be ok unless more than 10 people tweet it isn’t. I’m concerned about the scum that fall through the cracks, as well as wrongfully accused, because there will be plenty.

 I can pretty much guarantee the same people squawking now, have made excuses for someone else’s bad behaviour to better their own career at some point. Pure Hypocrisy! I see suicide and destruction in the wake of this storm.


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