The DMX Demise

DMX and Aaliyah then – DMX now

Earl Simmons, better known as DMX, is one of my top 3 favourite rappers of all time. His voice is intoxicatingly sexy. It makes sense I don’t know a lot of his raps by heart like I do Tupac’s or Eminem’s. I just can’t get past his tones. When he presented the beautiful and talented Aaliyah to the world, we all fell in love with her as well. Albeit her young age when he hooked her, they were a match made in heaven. The loss of Aaliyah in a tragic plane crash broke him up. And this father of 12 went on to make a right mess of his life.
We have been waiting for his big comeback but with his ever growing legal and drug issues, I fear there won’t be coming back from anything. He was rushed to hospital last February for drug overdoses and more recently pleaded not guilty in his tax evasion hearing. Then there is his lack of child support payments which is getting him into very serious financial dramas.

If I were part of his support network, I’d actually advise him to get back in the recording booth and back on stage. Music may be the only thing that saves his life. We wish him the best and hope his overall health improves immediately.


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