It’s Not The Years In Your Life…

20 Years On-‘The People’ still want heads for their princess

As the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death (August 31, 1997) approaches, the crime documentaries are flooding the networks, scratching old wounds and who’s to blame. There are claims of new evidence and complacency within the investigative groups and governments. The claims that the monarchy is to blame for her death is heart breaking in terms of Prince William and Harry. I admittedly had my doubts about the events surrounding her passing, when it occurred, because I wanted to know someone was responsible. I certainly couldn’t believe it was simply a tragic car accident. How could that be; when she was so amazing? But there are so many conspiracy theories, it’s difficult to weight them all. As my children grew older, I began to contemplate my own mortality more than I ever had and forced to reanalyse my doubts about the death of the People’s Princess.

The common denominator, with all who loved Princess Diana, is wanting to place blame on anyone for her tragic passing. My belief is that so many cracked pieces of the universe came together at once and in that split second, 2 beautiful little boys lost their mother. I will add, a mother who spent her life on many charities and touched the lives of so many around the world. The scale of her empathy and compassion can’t be measured. It was boundless. She was a woman who loved with every fibre of her being. She fought for what she believed in, no matter her emotional challenges and feelings of inadequacy. She lived her married life in the shadows of another woman but stayed strong. I always found that endearing and, in fact, have lived that way myself, by letting go of men who weren’t in love with me. It’s the most courageous and kindest thing you can do for yourself and everyone involved. She did that, and the rest,  with sheer strength and courage; always considering her children. And when she died, the world came together to mourn her death. It was truly crushing to know what we saw on tv was far from what those little boys had to endure, there after. 

Can you imagine losing your mother at such a young age and top that with hearing suggestions that your family were to blame? I don’t see the reasoning or true motives behind these productions, other than ratings. I don’t see it as the monarchy supported the boys. I believe the boys had family and friends rally around and protected them, best they could with the hand they were dealt. The point is not finding someone to blame for Princess Diana’s death, it’s about celebrating who and what she stood for. And striving to be the type of human being she was. And above all, celebrating how much she loved her boys as a mother, not an icon. 

I sincerely feel compassion for both princes when I see so many documentaries on who should be held accountable for her untimely and tragic passing. I haven’t watched any of them as I’ve grown to only focus on the way she lived her years on this earth. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “Its not the years in your life, it’s the life in your years.” And that fits the People’s Princess to a ‘Tee’;)


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