From Bullied To Brave

Kaz B Princess Kaz, tee Rex Beats
Kaz B & one of her ‘dominated’
 Bullying behaviour doesn’t just happen on the playground. But it’s most certainly one of two places it starts. It happens every where, every day. Without proper guidance, the bully becomes an adult bully. And of course you have you the bog standard; was bullied as a kid, now bullies as an adult. There a few exceptions when the victim becomes the brave and turns their life around toward success and loving relationships.

We hope for the best when these issues creep up with our children but there is always an underlining fear of potential. Usually by ignoring a bully, you can deflate their power. But in many cases support simply isn’t available to guide and encourage the victim. This kind of abuse causes severe emotional scars and affects adult life, negatively, if not dealt with. The victim will either sink or swim when it gets right down to the core of their personality. The choice to allow people to take advantage seems beyond reach while in an abusive situation. It is logical to choose who you allow in your life but it’s usually never that easy to act. So when a young, bullied and abused girl, blossoms into a confident and beautiful woman, it gives voice to the otherwise silent sufferers. It states the ability to take control and live a productive life in the face of fear, pain and hopelessness. A woman who controls her destiny and can use what happened to her to become something greater, should be truly celebrated.

I think you’d be surprised how many beautiful models and actresses have been bullied or abused in one way or another. It’s even more surprising to see them as talented and successful adults, knowing their struggles. I’ve met a few victims who are now survivors as models and actresses. Ella Hewitt of House of Hughes is a very good example. She is a stunning red head with an incredible body but suffered severe bullying and abuse in grade school. She was called every name in the book, as a young girl. She had to endure the ‘fat/ugly’ comments and struggled to develop confidence. It’s very clear from speaking to her as an adult that she, fortunately, had very good home-support. She grew into an amazingly beautiful and talented flower, with roles in Game of Thrones and modelling gigs, galore. You wouldn’t know it talking to her now, but she was a broken little girl and without the love and support of her mother, would have found adult life extremely difficult.

Then there is a truly special woman of power, Karen Louise aka Kaz B. She found her youth to be traumatic and challenging as a result of bullying, as well. She was mostly harassed for her small stature. Today, Kaz is the epitome of confidence, strength and power. As a very popular dominatrix, Kaz is a university educated, business partner and horror film actress and enthusiast. Kaz and some very talented filmmakers are in the process of making a movie based on teen suicide and abuse. She wants to gain as much exposure for the film as possible for her awareness campaign. And due to the nature of the film, all walks of life will be able to relate. I can’t wait to see it first hand.

Kaz has also decided to offer her time for ‘Dates For A Cause’ – Rotten Cotten Help for Teens. More information can be found on her blog at;

General donations can be made to:

I absolutely believe something in these women, possibly family, community support or pure character strength, helped them find a way to break through the scars and walls that being bullied creates. ‘I’ll prove them all wrong’ has probably passed their lips thousands of times, but so too, have the negative thoughts they’ve had to learn to ignore. We celebrate these woman and their incredible journey to become so much more than they were accused of being.

No matter age or walk of life; if you are being bullied or know someone who is, you can get help and support NOW, by phoning;

UK – National Bullying Helpline on: 0845 22 55 787

USA – PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center 888.248.0822


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